Mary Angus Glass

TwistAs Mary Angus blows and shapes the molten glass, she dusts the surface of the final gather with a thin layer of powdered colored glass. The heat involved in the blowing process fuses the powdered glass to the gather's surface. After the blown piece has been formed and then cooled, Mary uses a resist to create a pattern on the surface of the piece. Each piece is designed individually, creating a pattern that complements the form of the piece. Areas unprotected by the resist material are then carved away by sandblasting the surface with an abrasive. As a final step, perfume bottles are hand-fit with a teardrop shaped, clear glass stopper.

Some of Mary's pieces are carved in low relief with the raised areas highlighted by the dusting of colored glass. Others have deeply carved and sculptural surfaces. An interior layer of colored glass glows softly from within the carved and acid-etched surfaces.